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Thursday, June 7, 2012

National Running Day 6.6.12

National Running Day was yesterday  6.6.6 6.6.12.  And it was all over the place yesterday...well if you follow umpteen running blogs, like umpteen Running Facebook pages and such.

Well, back up...Monday I went to the gym.  Not to run, but to pay June's dues.  I keep getting nasty emails when I'm late (I refuse to give them a credit card or my bank account number, so I just pay in cash).  So I met the new gym manager.  She is very nice and asked me if I wanted a printout of when billing happened (the emails are automated).  I told her no, that was ok.  I had been a member since 2007 and I wasn't going anywhere.  I  mean, hell, my Unemployment Money paid for the gym at one time (and I enjoyed their heat). She asked how long I was unemployed and why I chose to pay for the gym.  I told her for the heat, because I didn't have money to spend on clothes for when I gained 30 pounds (like the first time) and for some socialization.  She laughed and said she did the same thing.  She seems like a cool gal.

So Tuesday, I was just in a foul mood.  Some work stuff.  Not really work but schedules...Why do people book you at 100% when you are on 4 projects that are happening simultaneously? I can't be 400%.  And why is there no sign-off or review of schedules (actually there was, but no one thought that the manufacturer would delay one project by 3 months, one by 2, one by 1, and one by 1 week, thus all landing on top of each other).  So that basically is my life for the next few weeks.  Having PMs wanting to know why I haven't tested their project yet.

Back to Wednesday...being that it was National Running Day, I had to run, right?  Yes, I did.  I ran 5K at the gym.  I didn't feel like looking at the mileage and for some reason, I constantly doubt how far I've gone when the odometer is in kilometers.  So that's what I did.  It was a little too fast but my legs kept at it.  My HR was to high, so I had to walk some at the end.  I'm really trying to listen to the heart by feel.  I'm getting pretty good at it. I

My weight was stagnant over May and the beginning of June. I will take it.  With the amount of beer I drank, which led to drunk eating, I'm really shocked I am staying the same.  But I want to be smaller.    So I may or may not know that yesterday a certain running series had a $20 coupon for when you sign up for 26.2.


Lisa said...

Good for you! I actually took a rest day yesterday myself. Guess I'm a loser on the national running day front

Christina said...

Wouldn't know it was National Running Day until I saw someone posted it on Facebook. Then, it was like, "Well, you can't not run on a day like this, right?" So I hauled my lazy rear end to the treadmill and did a little something something ....

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