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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wrapping up Wednesday

I've run twice since the HM. It is shocking.  I still felt crappy on Saturday but I told D I was going to do it. After all I've run 10 miles sick before. What's 3? 

So Friday night I started playing with my new Ipod Nano that I won from Mycokerewards (I won a $125 giftcard). Did you know they are the size of a quarter now?  Not long. And they have a clip, so that if you don't have pockets you can clip them to your pants?  And they are touch screen, not that circular knobby thing? And there is no lock?  And you can shuffle a playlist?  I did not know any of this until Friday night. It's pretty cool.

So Saturday I ran my 3 miles which turned into 3.5 miles on the road WITH MUSIC.  I kept it low so I could hear the cars (except those stupid hybrids).  It rained a little but it was a decent run. 

Later in the day our friend J came over and we ate (homemade spaghetti, homemade meatballs, homemade sauce, homemade compound garlic-basil butter and store-bought bread) and drank way too much ( Ah, our life.  And somehow at 330am on Sunday J and I were taking a tour (running) of the neighborhood looking for McMenamin.  He was on the porch watching us.  Ah, us...

Tuesday came and I wore these to work.
Product Image
Can I just say, don't play tag with your coworkers in these.  I don't know why we thought it would be a good idea to play tag. But we did (we weren't drinking).  I turned my foot in these twice.  Neither time did my ankle hurt.  Finally a Director came into the lab, so we thought he might not think it was  a good idea to play tag around 5kV equipment (you think?).  So later in the day, I went home.  D and I had dinner.  Then off to the gym.

We went in the same car which you know means D dies of boredom while I die trying to run fast so he doesn't die of boredom.  I finished 2 miles in 23 minutes.  Still no issues.

This morning, my ankle hurts anytime I use it.  Of course it does.  So I'm going to go to the gym.

After I turn in 6 more codes to MyCokeRewards.


Carolina John said...

Nice! Yea the new nanos are the size of the old shuffle. I still don't care for iAnything, but they are really popular.

Kepa Wong said...

The nano is such a convenient size for runners.