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Friday, February 10, 2012

Midweek Ramblings on a Friday

This week's runs so far have included a 3.5 miler and a 2 miler.  I did the 3.5 miler on Wednesday.

On Thursday, I was telling some friends that while I feel good running, I don't feel like pushing myself so I don't bother.  And I'm bothered by not being bothered.  I'm getting back to comfortable speeds.  But my mind starts playing games, like, "If you run for 2 more minutes, I'll let you slow down."  Here's the thing...I probably could run for 4 more minutes at the speed, but I just don't, because I ran the 2.

I think I also don't have any clue with where I am in my training could be part of the problem.  I have a 10K on Saturday that I was excited for until I saw the weather report...24 with 20mph winds.  Yay!  I can do cold, but I hate wind.  Oh well.  At least this will help me figure out where I am in terms of training and speed.

I did run 2 miles almost 2 minutes faster than last week.  I have to see if it is the fastest.  For some reason, I keep thinking I ran it in 23:58, but no, I ran it in 22:58.  I felt pretty good.

The bad (if you want to call it that)... my heart rate is running lower.  I noticed this last summer and then it reappeared the past 2 weeks (and I know the HRM is working now) that it was taking me less effort to walk .5 miles and run 2-3 miles.  While I'm happy I'm getting healthier, it means I'm burning less calories, which means less to drink.  The world of moderation, here I come!

Update: It appears to be the 2nd fastest 2 miles.  I ran 2 miles at 22:44 last summer.


Lisa said...

Good job on your recent faster 2 mile run. I've been running 12 min miles lately. At some point, it's got to get easier and faster, right?

Best wishes with the 10K. I'm with you on the weather. 24 deg is okay. 20 mile winds, not so much.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

If your heart rate is low, I'm pretty sure that means you should be upping the speed :-) Isn't that the point of heart rate based training anyway?

Christina said...

I don't bother with running faster like I should. I know I Can, but I just don't want to. All that huffing and puffing... goodness!

Aka Alice said...

So... I think I know how the 10K turned out...so congrats (spoiler alert).

Do you track your mileage/workouts on something like Daily Mile? That helps me track things.

OK...so I tagged you in a meme. Don't hate me :-)

Delane said...

lower hr is bitter sweet. One way to keep it up is to up the intensity. Speed work always get my heart pumping. That or longer workouts. Add lunges and crunches to make up the difference.

All about finding balance.