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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why women should shut up at sporting events...

So on Monday, D and I went to see the Crapitals play the Thrashers. They played like crap 50 shots on goal and 1 went in. (The Thrashers won).Ovechkin shooting and missing...

Now D is an avid hockey fan, so I surprised him with Club Level Row D for his favorite team. Although both tickets were less than face value of 1 reg priced ticket, they still weren't cheap.
Anyway, things I heard...
Why are some of the Thrashers wearing white and sitting on *that* bench (those would be the Caps)?
Why is everything St. Pat's day themed. (It was 3.16)
And from a guy... how long is the field that they play on?

Everything is better with a Zamboni!
The thing I texted myself to ask D later (as to not appear stupid at a hockey game)...is a Penalty Kill the same as a Power Play for the Home team. The answer is yes, and he has informed me there is a website for women who want to be hockey fans called the Scarlet Caps. I haven't gone to look yet.

So St. Patrick's Day is the Puppy's Birthday. Guinness turned 9. We had a keg of Guinness from Saturday (her party), that I fully intended to drink from.
However, my new bike shorts came. So you all wouldn't get to see the beautiousness that is my ass, I decided on mountain bike shorts instead of spandex. I found a pair and they were $99.95. Too much. So I found a pair that were $35. I ordered them and they came yesterday. I put them on, and if I lose 60 pounds they MIGHT button. They were more Spandex looking and obscene. D got a pair too. He said he lost feeling in the groin area because the lining was cutting off his blood flow.

So, I felt sorry for myself, so I had a piece of Irish Cream Cake (Guinness's birthday cake this year). Then I felt more sorry for myself so I watched 2.5 hours of Biggest Loser. Finally, I got off the couch and D and I did Shred.
With weights.
The only thing I'm still having trouble with is the pushups. Yesterday I thought my wrist was going to break.

So we finished that. I had a rib for dinner. Then I watched more Biggest Loser.
Didn't run this morning as I couldn't move my arms. Tonight we are going to see Spamalot again!

Tomorrow a run.

And now I have the $99.95 shorts. They better fit! I measured my waist and everything!


Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to Guiness!

Good luck on those shorts...

Carly said...

Happy Birthday to Guiness. That cake sounds divine!

I am totally one of those chicks....that is why I don't go to sporting events. ha!

Marcy said...

I'm with Carly! That is SO ME! I don't belong anywhere near sporting events LOL

AKA Alice said...

I do know enough to keep my mouth shut during sporting events of sports I don't know much about (and that would include hockey), but I'd NEVER call an ice rink a field...hahahahahaha (although, I regularly call football referees "umpires" by accident...I mean, I know better, but I forget).

Anyway, $100 bucks for shorts! Wow! For $100, they'd better fit, and make my ass look small, and maybe even clean the house! (well, at least the first two).

Happy B-Day to Guiness!