Weight I have lost

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


OK, so we did Shred this week. It is getting easier. I still can't jump rope or do pushups, but once I find my weights, I'll add them to the rotation.

D and I ran this morning. We got up. I laid back on him. When I did I felt a big fat roll from me on my arm, and that got me up and going.

So off to the gym we went. Our membership we got in December...1st time used today. EH.

So I ran 2 miles. The entire time, I could hear Jillian Michael's in my head. Give me a set of 2 minutes. 1 minute. 3 minutes. My entire run was like this. Give me 10 more. I was never so happy to see the end of 2 miles.

Right now my butt is killing me. And I can see her smiling about that.

Time: 27:20 (run)
Mileage: 2 (13:40 min/mile)
Time: 21:00 (walk)
Mileage: 1.1 (19:05 min/mile)
Calories: 675
Max HR 191
Avg HR 167
In Zone 5:44


Tammy said...

Great job getting up for the run!

Mel said...

Great job on going to the gym.

AKA Alice said...

Jillian's an evil bitch...

I do need to start those DVDs again. I stopped when I got hurt. The jumping/aerobics part was painful, but I could still do the lifting and the situps (and lord knows I need that!)

Marcy said...

I hate her! Really I've only done the first couple of them and it hurts :-( LOL