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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So all my Claritin apparently caused a sinus infection and that's why my head hurt. So I got some anti-biotics. The doc also wanted to put me on Afrin, but I refused, so he gave me a 'scrip for something else, that Hipster Kroger didn't have. So I get to go pick it up on Old People's Day...woohoo (sr citizen day at HK...bc the parking lot doesn't suck enough).

Anyway, I finally have some drainage which is relieving the pressure.

D picked up his bike today. He said the hill is hard too.

I got home and he was walking the pups. He came home and we walked the girls on my .25 mile route. Then he and Po went in and Guinness and I ran 2 miles. Thought I was going to die.
But here I am.

Nothing exciting going on. Don't think I'll make it to Biggest Loser since it is on at 9 and I've been getting up at 445 all week to go to work (have to make sure the customer's testing is ok).

Time: 9:35 (walk)
Mileage: .25 (38:20 min/mile)
Time: 32:57 (run)
Mileage: 2 (16:29 min/mile)
Calories: 541
Max HR 188
Avg HR 166
In Zone 11:00


Carly said...

Ohhhh sinus infections are the worst! Get better soon.

AKA Alice said...


I can just see you with all the oldsters. Don't knock any over :-)

Tammy said...

Ugh! I avoid Kroger at all costs on Old People day...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Marcy said...

Senior Day SUCKS A$$!!! I hate that shiz with a passion LOL