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Friday, October 17, 2014

Is Everything Finally Starting to Click?

So a couple (2) weeks ago, I had mentioned the only way to get faster outside, was to run outside.  And so I ran around the neighborhood twice for 5 miles.  It wasn't really anything to write home about.  The only thing special about it was that I ran under the 16:02 pace (barely). 

So yesterday, I had to run 5 miles.  I talked to D who had day off. He hadn't run yet when I started home.  He had mentioned he charged our Garmins.  It was really nice out.  He mentioned going to the gym because he runs faster there.  I just wasn't in a gym kind of mood (I actually haven't been in a running mood, but that's besides the point).  We both agreed to run at home.  I got home and changed. 

And we started our warm up (walking up a hill).  I mentioned how I really had wanted to take SB to go get a beer.  D had taken him to the vet earlier and SB had just wanted to chill outside.  D thought that was a great idea.  We both may have paused and REALLY thought about going home, leashing up SB and going to a bar.  However we were already out, and dressed.  We continued our walk and then parted ways. 

I started my run and it was kind of ho hum, except I almost got hit by a car.  Electric/hybrid vehicles really suck in terms of being able to hear them come up behind you.  I got to where I normally take a walk break, and checked my watch.  It said I had more to run. Hmm!  Went up the Terrorist Dog Hill, which is now Crazy Dog Hill, came back down, and now it was time to walk.  So I did.   Got to USP Hill and usually the time to walk is coming down the hill.  Again, still had to run.  Bell South Way and Drug house, same thing.  I got to walk up the hill at the Friday house (different than Drug house).  What is going on?  The watch dinged the Mile was over at 13:31. 

Wait, what?  I haven't pulled a 13:31 mile outside in so long, I almost forgot I could.  I completed Mile 2 by German Shepherd Pass a little slower.  Then I repeated the route.  Again, the walking breaks were not at the "usual" spots.  I was totally confused. I felt I was exerting a little more effort than usual, but not that much.  Had I just become "lazy?"  Had I not been trying?  What was going on?  Who knows?  My legs felt good. Mile 3 was faster than Mile 2.  Mile 4 seemed to go much slower (and it was).  OK, I finally finished the loop.  Only .75 miles more. 

At this point, I really didn't care about my time, because I was so excited about Mile 1.  I checked once and saw I was going much slower than I should be. I picked it up.  I decided to run the whole .75 miles, with no walk break.  And then I was done. 

I was still in disbelief as I walked home (600 feet).  I walked into the house, and D asked if I ran the whole thing.  I said yes, and he said I had picked up some speed.  He expected me in another 10 minutes.    I said, I was pretty sure I was way faster than the last time I ran that route 2 weeks ago.  I checked my watch, and sure enough...8 minutes and 31 seconds faster.

Just have to keep this up.


Pegi Hoffman said...

Awesome! I love runs like that.

Tammy said...

Yay!! Love it when that happens. I have to stop checking my watch so much. I see that I'm running faster and tend to slow down.

Carolina John said...

That rocks! Outstanding progress Al. Great job

Lisa Isenberger said...

Very nice. I agree that it's likely from more outside running. Keep up the good work!!