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Sunday, October 19, 2014

12 Mile Clarity or Delirium?

I'll write more about my 12 miler later (maybe), but have you ever run a run, and wanted to thank people?  But then been afraid to call them out because maybe 40 other people might have been offended that you didn't call them out.  And you know that those ~40 people have every right to be mad, but really you can't stop thinking about the few people that are helping your runs, and how every thing is clicking.  And you feel like an asshole for not thanking the ~40 people but you keep going back to the people in your head while you run.  And then suddenly, you passed the 10 miles.  And you go, "I'm delirious, so thank you!"

In no particular order, except for the last 2.

To those ~40 people - you support me.  I'm sorry your exact name didn't come up on my run.  But you inspire me, and keep doing it.
Marie - si se puede. I'm still laughing.
Nina- my pro bono running nutritionist and mentalist- I got hungry at mile 9. I know why!
Jonathan- for reminding me that I can run, and don't need to relearn it.  And to prove them wrong.
Cher- to keep trying, and always be strong. And I listen to some sucky music
Yas- I must ask you for a play list.  SHUT UP!
Lisa - to know when I get to 9.61 miles I can call someone who won't flinch when I'm in complete tears.
Jen - for when I don't feel like doing it.  You inspire me.  And yeah, Coach Vader might kick my ass
Turff- I love you, but I'm never running in Ptree City again!
Bethany- I'm glad GreTchen has a great Mom, and and awesome sister, JoDee.
Justin and Amy- we inspire each other
Susan- being honest about quitting (I needed to hear it), and telling me about Honey Waffles
Delane - for the inspirational texts and letting me cry to you on your vacation when I needed to
Victoria - because change is not a stagnant thing and to don't be satisfied of where you are but where you want to be
Hillary - if I had a sister, I'd want her to be as awesome as you. #teamvickie
Matt - your smile makes me happy and you will always give the best hugs. And you are my best friend besides D.
Doug (the infamous D) - who doesn't fix me, just supports me.  And that is more fixing than anything.


Justin Yvonne Wiechart said...

Allison, I just want you to know that every run I take, you inspire me but you do so much more than that everyday (because I don't run everyday). You are teaching me more than you could possibly know about running, training, mentally overcoming, etc.! Thank you for being willing to share, blog, offer encouragement, advise, and confess even the hardest parts. -Justin

susan#'s said...

Total rock star for running a marathon with a stress fracture. I am in awe:)