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Monday, July 28, 2014

Tank Top Review, Bottle Review, and a Week in Review

So this was an interesting week.  I managed to get 1 run done in the morning.  I was meeting a friend for beers after work so I needed to knock it out.  Thursday's run didn't happen on Thursday. I thought leaving work at 3pm might make me be able to get to the gym by 4...Um, try 5.  Anyway, angry and pissed, I drank a few beers instead.  Friday was to get ready for Saturday's run, so again, no run. 

Saturday was a 7 mile run.  I was trying out a few things that I hadn't tried before.  One was running in a tank top.  I am not a tank top kind of person. I don't like feeling skin on skin.  So the thought of sweaty skin on skin is just gross to me (yeah, that could be taken a few ways, I guess).  And I couldn't help but wonder if chub rub would happen between my bat-wings and my underarms.  But running in the summer in Georgia sucks.  And I couldn't stop thinking about how heavy my shirt was during the Beltline 5K (granted, it is probably the heaviest shirt I own when it is dry).  So I bought a tank top from Moving Comfort.  The other new thing was a hand-held water bottle.  I used to have one.  In his more destructive days, McMenemin ate it.  But I'm in between the running with nothing and running with a Camelbak with my distances.  So I needed something. I chose a Camelbak Handheld (mostly because of the price).

Moving Comfort Endurance Tank
Camelbak Hand-held Water Bottle
So anyway, Saturday, I put on the tank.  It was pretty thin. The one odd thing was that it had a draw string at the bottom.  I guess if you wanted to look cute, you cinch it and stuff.  Um, yeah.  I don't pay attention to much during running, and looking cute in the GA Swamp Weather is way low even on that radar.  So I just let the shirt hang.  I grabbed the water bottle with water, and left.  

Me, Pre-7 Miles
I didn't really know where I was going.  I started with my main route of down the side of the prison.  There was a train, so I couldn't cross the track, so that changed the path a little.  I went up to Hill Street, but I really hate the side-drop of Hill, so I took Milton down to Lakewood and turned to go up the bridge.  The hills aren't steep, it is just a rolling section.  I was doing run/walks so the first thing I noticed with the water bottle was that it had a twist top meaning I couldn't pull up the top with my teeth.  I had to use my hands.  Not a huge deal, although I did almost rip my teeth out of my mouth. (I guess I could have looked BEFORE running at this detail).  I got over the bridge and ran the next part of Lakewood, which is pretty flat.  My pace was all over the place.  I didn't pay that much attention...I paid attention to how my legs felt.  I got to Richmond and a cop drove by and told me and a woman who was walking to the store to stay off Richmond which wasn't on my path anyway.  Saw another cop car and an ambulance.  I got up to Jonesboro, and really didn't want to go right, which is my usual path. As I was trying to figure out right or left, I saw 3 older men sitting on the corner (yes, this is usually a drug corner).  They had a pickup truck there with a TV (and extension cord to somewhere), 3 beach chairs and an umbrella.  They were sitting in the chairs drinking some beers (I assume...they were in a brown paper bag).  The aroma in the air might make some people hungry without realizing why.  Anyway, they were quite shocked to see me come past.  I know they checked me out.  Why?  They informed me my butt was small enough and men like a big butt.  I guess I could have been offended, but it really made me laugh.  Anyway , I would have had to stop at the light to cross, so I went left.  I ran down to the cemetery and really didn't feel like dealing with a down hill for .2 miles (I was at 3.3 miles and decided to do an out and back), so I turned and did a flat street and then came back.  The guys were still there. They told me I could stop.  I told them that that was ok. 

A little further up, I tried changing hands with the water bottle.  I'm not left handed by any means, so I don't know if the bottle is not made for left-handed people or if it was just an ID10T error, but I couldn't use it.  So back in the right hand.  Although everything on the bottle was wet and sweaty, it wasn't a nuisance.  So I really liked that part.  I definitely recommend it.  The tank top was good.  The one thing I noticed is that I must use my sleeves a lot when I run because I didn't have that luxury.  Oh well.  But it was pretty nice. The return home was hilly, but done.  

Me, Post-7 Miles
Sunday I was in SC with Scuttlebutt visiting my dad (I drove up on Saturday). 

Scuttlebutt on the way to South Carolina
We went running at 630am.  After 15 minutes, I had to return Scuttlebutt home as it was too humid for him.  Atlanta was 66 degrees and 70% RH at 6am.  Northern South Carolina was 74 degrees and 90% humidity at 6am.  It was gross.  Anyway, SB was having trouble, and walking a lot, so I dropped him off, and continued my run.  It was nice to be done exercising before 715 in the morning. 

Scuttlebutt...not after the run...but I'm sure that picture looked the same

*I paid for my tank top and my water-bottle, and my thoughts on them are my own.


Turff said...

I don't have any running tank tops, but I will say that the North Face running gear I have is hands down my favorite. I have tech shirts from Adidas, Nike, and the aforementioned NF, and the NF dries the fastest, is the lightest, and the most breathable.

jmac713 said...

I think the twist off cap would drive me crazy. I'm glad the tank worked, maybe I'll give that brand a try. I kept rolling my sleeves during Saturday's humid as hell run.

Lisa Isenberger said...

I almost never wear a tank top because the sun is relentless here in central NM. I as much coverage as possible, especially on my shoulders.

There are so many things in the world that aren't designed to be used with the left hand, i wouldn't be surprised if your handheld issue was 'by design'