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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

First Week of July

I finished the first week of July with my scheduled 4 runs.  True to my commitment to not run a race on a holiday (I know I have failed this twice), I did not run the Peachtree.  Actually, it had crossed my mind at some point, and then I remembered my hatred of dealing with large crowds and it is a 10K in July.  Who am I kidding?  Plus a 10K was not on my training program, and deviating is hard for me.

So I had only gotten one run in by Friday.  I really tried for 2 but the gym was closed Thursday due to no power and by the time I got home/close to the other one it was 2 hours later (no, not because of beer, but because of traffic).  And I was completely wiped out last week.

So my heart rate is still a little wonky.  Right now, I'm only aiming to stay below 39 minutes on the treadmill. Wednesday, I didn't succeed (39:05).  Thursday, I didn't run but I did lose 10 pounds (not all in one day...I hit the 10 lb mark).  Since I was completely wiped, we didn't do anything Thursday night.  But Friday I worked on my "speed" work.  D went running outside because the humidity was so low, but I went to the gym. My HR stayed below 180 for a long time, I think 2.1 miles.  I actually turned the treadmill higher, and I got to 38:37 for the 3 miles.

Saturday's 3 miles, well...hahahaha. I went running outside.  It was actually great out...72 degrees and 40% humidity.  I ran my hilly route.  I really didn't like that my first mile was over 15 minutes long.  My legs felt fine, it was more that I wasn't trying, even though I was purposely going on hills.  I got the 2nd mile at 14:4X and I was still not happy.  I was still on hills.  The third mile I tried to push it a little harder.  It was a slight "ramp" most of the way, but not bad.  I checked my HR at 2.9 miles.  It was 183 and I still had to go up a hill.  I did push it, but I also hit 14:2X.  So that run was 44:19.  Not happy with the time, but happy with negative splits the entire time.

Sunday's 3 miles was outside and hard.  73 degrees and 78% humidity. I didn't want to do it. My face under my eye from my nose to my ear was aching, not sure of allergies or hangover, but it hurt.  I didn't want to do hills, I didn't want to run on a treadmill.  I just didn't want to.  I decided to run Saturday's route backwards.  The first mile although over 15 minutes was nice because it was mostly a downhill ramp.  My legs were tired and when I tried to run faster, they laughed at me.  It was just going to be an "EEK this shit out run."  Then all the hills were back (little out and backs off a main road).  That was mostly a pain in the ass.  I have no idea how my times were, because I was more wondering how I was going to run a half-marathon in September in this wet/slimy shit.  I got 2 miles done and wondered where else to run, because I was done with hills and not going to run the last mile on the same route I had done the day before (a big hill).  I made something up and ended up at the bottom of my street.  It was the gut run.  I didn't want to do it, my headache worsened as I went on, and a few times I wanted to go home.  But I gutted it out.  I came home and drank a ton of water, and then passed out for 2 hours. 

Then I got up and went and drank beer.

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