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Monday, November 21, 2011

Running a Bit

So I have gotten to the gym a few times this month.  It's a start, especially since I have a 5 miler come mid December.   Wednesday I pushed myself to the gym. 2 miles. It wasn't glorious.

D came to the gym after he walked the dogs. He looked very dour.  I had just finished so he used my treadmill. As we were trading floor for mill, I asked him if he was ok.
D: We're lucky we still have a house.
A: We were robbed?
D: No.  Did you cook breakfast?
A: No, I had a Clif Bar.
D: The back burner to the stove was on.

Do you want to guess who did that?  So I had 2 errands to run before going home, and I was in a bit of a haze at the thought of our house filled with gas blowing up, that the note I had left D could've caught fire and burned the house down, and both ideas with McM and SB in the house.  Not good. We now have no knobs on the stove.

Thursday, they went to day care.  Friday they both slept the whole day. So it looks like daycare has been added into our rotation. 

Saturday, D went to run at the gym.  I told SB I would take him for a run. Well, there is no getting out of the house with just him, so I found the other Halti and McM came with us.  McM is a horrible runner.  And add the Halti, well, I allotted 60 minutes for 3 miles.  We did a poop break and neither did anything so off we went.  Every 10 feet, McM laid down and tried to get the Halti off.  SB and I quickly figured out which side of our bodies would be pulled and leashes were all rearranged.  SB found that in the fall (versus the spring) the road has leaves, and these were great to pee in every 10 feet.  So we ran in the middle of the street.  We noticed the unlicensed night club is for sale (yes!!!).  We finished the first mile at 14:56.  Second mile went decently accept cars kept coming at the intersections when we were there.  And every turn, McM had to lay down and fix his face.  We now could go about 1/4 mile without peeing or laying down.  We got to Terrorist Dog Hill. The terrorists are back.  SB seemed to not care. McM wanted to play. So he hit his brother in the head and they fought in front of the terrorists.  Really????

We went back around the loop and finished mile 2 in 14:26.  2 kids were walking their dog with a retractable leash (HATE THEM!!!) and headphones.  McM almost had the dog in his mouth by the time they saw us (they were zigzagging back and forth across the street and we were doing our best to avoid them).  Got McM situated again.  One last pass at Terrorist Dog Hill. SB did his business. Used condom, a snake skin and some beer bottles. I didn't pick up after him.  I'm not putting my hand in there.    Came back to the subdivision and finished up the 3rd mile. 14:23.  We got home and SB tackled McM.  McM went to the fireplace and went to sleep.  We kept him up for the rest of the day.  He slept all night (that is not normal for him). 

Daycare tomorrow. 

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Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

So the dogs are turning on the stove now?! Ours used to turn on the coffee pot, but that was easy to unplug for the day...