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Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Week Wrapup...

So this last week was a fail in the running schedule. It started strong enough.

Monday D and I lifted, so I ran 1 mile. I almost can break 11 minutes.  I just have to plan the timing better.  But it is cool to be done in almost less than 11 minutes.  Tuesday, the weather didn't get about 61 degrees. So I took advantage of the lovely weather and ran outside (4.5 miles). 

Wednesday was 9 400s.  It was also a special release of Terrapin Wake-n-Bake at a local pub for American Craft Beer Week. And D was going out of town on Thursday, so we HAD to go get one.  Yeah, so the 9 400s, didn't happen. 

Thursday, any thought of the 9 400s went out the window.  I got home, stuck a pizza in the oven and took the dogs out for a "quick walk." Both dogs got off leash, and Scuttlebutt took off. So McMenamin and I came home so I could put on appropriate shoes to chase SB, and the house was full of smoke. It seems the broiler pan caught on fire in the oven.  I will have to investigate smoke detectors since ours right by the oven didn't go off (you couldn't see from the front door to the kitchen).  So after taking care of that, and changing shoes, I went and found Scuttlebutt. All of this commotion occurred in 20 minutes.  So I ate the whole pizza I made (which miraculously didn't catch fire in the oven).  Oh and I won't start the oven and leave the house again. Lesson learned.  Then around 9 a helicopter hovered over the house looking for someone who shot at a cop (I would link you to a story, but American Idol happened that day, and Arnold Schwarzenegger had sex while not governor, so the cop shooting wasn't covered on the 10pm news like those other important items were). So then I had to spend the time, closing the doors that were open from the smoke, pray no one was going to kill me, and quiet the dogs (who didn't get the last walk of the night because of the helicopter).  So any thought of 9 400s was really gone.

Friday, I didn't get home until 745 because I went to get a chicken sausage, but there was a guy face down on the ground with the cops pointing guns, and handcuffing him in the Chicken Sausage Stand Parking lot.  So I couldn't get into the parking lot (yes, I was focused on how to get the sausage, not the fact I shouldn't interrupt this arrest or become any part of it).  So I went across the interstate and grabbed some Greek Lasagna.  So by the time the dogs were walked, and I was sitting down to dinner it was 815.  D got home around 10.  I really appreciate all that he does with the dogs and cooking, because I think I got 50 new gray hairs trying to take care of it all by myself.

Saturday, SB and I went for a 3 mile run.  I can't remember the last time I ran 3 miles straight (without walking).  SB and I did it in 41 minutes which is good considering I had to drag him a few times. He doesn't like intersections and would sit down at every one, so I would have to turn back, grab his collar and "help" him through the intersection.  He still seemed to have fun. (D took McMenamin).  We were going to take the dogs to the cemetery for a concert, but with it being 95 degrees, that wasn't going to happen. So D and I went to the Terrapin Takeover at another bar, and sampled some. 

This week is another tempo run.  45 minutes.  I believe I will mildly run 1.3, run crazy 2.2 and run mildly 1.  That should be good.  I also have a concert and a Professional Meeting to go to.  Like always, I will fit it all in or worry about it until Saturday.


Aka Alice said...

I'm still laughing about the American Idol and the Governator comment... I hate local television news. I get better information from Facebook...and that's just sad.

You are really rockin' the miles Al!

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

I am so afraid to leave the house with the oven on! Now you have made me believe this is smart.

(Also, your blog is not a great advertisement for Atlanta :-))

Julie said...

Yep I'd be moving! That is one tuff hood you live in!

Great job on the running you did get in, it's always such a balancing act.

Christina said...

Wow! Thursday was really something!!
In fact, your surroundings is really something! I guess if I lived where you are, my pants will perpetually be wet!

Delane said...

Life happens! I know, too well

Lisa said...

Good job on that week. Hope you got the running in that you wanted this week.