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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Steal My Kisses

For Guinness (03/17/2000-01/28/2011)

So you may have noticed I haven't written for a week or 2.

The day before the Polar Bear Run, D said we needed to discuss G's health. I told him no. But I knew I had to, as I had been putting it off for several weeks. We didn't discuss it once again.

Sunday after the race, D was upset. At 10pm he had walked her. At 10:20, she had peed inside the house, twice. All day Monday I cried about my baby. Monday night, I told him to do what he had to do, and Friday was the best day. Can I say what a horrible, long yet short week that was.I tried to tell myself Porter needed Guinness more than I did. While it is a nice thought, being selfish seemed the better alternative (and it does now too). But I know it is better for G, but I still don't like it.

We tried to do things to keep our minds off it. We ran Tuesday. Wednesday we went to a hockey game. The only time I didn't cry was at the game...I cried through dinner, in the car to and from and at home. Work, well I cried non stop. Thursday in the middle of a meeting I burst into tears. It might not have been so bad, if I hadn't been presenting something. My friend said it should prevent people from inviting me to meetings because nothing causes old men to feel more uncomfortable than a woman crying.

Friday came and we did what we had to do. D and I were sobbing. I looked up, so was the Vet Tech R. The vet was monitoring her heart rate. True to form, Guinness fought it, and it took a little longer than it should have. When the Dr.D (the vet) called it, she was crying too. We all cried together. I really don't think Dr.D cries at these. I think she was crying for G. She told us we (and G) fought so hard. Then we left. Vet Tech E ran out to the car and offered condolences.

We went to Sonic and got their version of Blizzards, and then I played Angry Birds for 8 hours. I really don't remember much else. Sunday we didn't go to the grocery store. I did nothing.

So all through Guinness's life, we had a song..."Steal My Kisses" by Ben Harper. It was our song, because Guinness was a dog on her own time. If I wanted to be lovey, that was nice, but I wasn't going to get an ounce of attention if it didn't suit her. I've heard it 3 times in 2010; once for no reason, once on the day in October we were supposed to put her down, and once on Tgiving Day. The latter dates...she was going to be ok, and be thankful for what has been given to you.

Guinness was a character in her own right...She ruined a Dog Frisbee Contest for a contestant when she ran out on the field; for our wedding, she decided to get baptized by jumping in the Baptismal Pool; she jumped out of the car window that was partially open while having an Elizabethan Collar on; she let us bury her in the sand; she turned her nose up at any beer not named Guinness; she ate Porter's birthday cake; she peed in the bed when I went on a trip to see my friends; she found every hole in the fence at every dog park. My co-workers at my first job used to take bets on how long I would have her. I was 2 hours late for work from chasing her at least once a week for a year at that job. I clocked her once while chasing her down the street in my Mustang (I was in it, not her). 35mph. She was fast. Yet, I kept her, and D became her dad 2 years later, and we were a happy little family.

So that Monday, D and I met at the grocery store. "Just Breathe" by Pearl Jam was playing. I said hi to Porter, like I always do when that song plays. I was pulling into the parking lot, and "Steal My Kisses" came on right after "Just Breathe." I know Guinness and Porter are together.

I pulled into Nashville, Tennessee
But you wouldn't even come around to see me
And since your headin' up to Carolina
You know I gonna be right there behind you

'Cause I always have to steal my kisses from you
Always have to steal my kisses from you
Always have to steal my kisses from you
Always have to steal my kisses from you

Now I love to feel that warm southern rain
Just to hear it fall is the sweetest sounding things
And to see it fall on your simple country dress
It's like heaven to me I must confess


Now I've been around you for days
But when I'm leanin you just turn your head away
I know you didn't mean that
She said I love the way you think but I hate the way you act


Always have to steal my kisses from you
Always have to steal my kisses from you
Always have to steal my kisses from you
Always have to steal my kisses from you

Guinness- Adopted March 17, 2001
Guinness's First Visit to Santa 12/2001

Didn't have to steal my kisses - 2003
Our Ring Bearer 7/19/2003

Supa-Pup- 10/2004
That is so funny! 2008

Guinness the Rebel- 7/2009

Guinness at Yappy Hour 12/2010


GeorgiaSnail said...

I'm so sorry for your lose Al. Guinness was a well loved dog - what a wonderful tribute. We are so lucky to have wonderful animals come into our lives and families, it is hard to watch them go. I am keeping you and D in my thoughts.

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry that for your loss. Not everybody understands how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. But I do. In time, may the good memories replace the pain you are feeling now. *hugs*

Julie said...

So very sorry... your story made me tear up. :( Hugs to you

Nitmos said...

Nice tribute to your family member. I had to go through this with my dog two years ago and it was a nightmare.

RockStarTri said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

Christina said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

Guinness sounds like a wonderful dog!

Dawn said...

oh, I'm so sorry, Al. It's is so very difficult, and the only consolation I can mention is that one day we will be with them again.
Dogs always know our love for them, and it's a good thing they touch our lives so deeply.
He had such a great name, too!

One thing we did was have a nice big river rock engraved with our Murphy's name and we put it next to our big willow tree in the backyard so he always still has a place near us. (It helps me)

Viper said...

I'm so very sorry to hear about Guinness. She sounds like the perfect companion. I wish you and D all the best. I'll have a Guinness in her honor. Cheers!

Adam said...

I'm soooo sorry. Nothing else that I can say can make you feel better. Remember the good times had, memories are forever.