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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Half Marathon Training has begun...

So we were finally able to move throughout northern Georgia by Thursday due to the ice storm and GDOT not knowing their ass from their elbow and wondering why 10 trucks was not sufficient (Atlanta hired sub contractors to help them...GDOT on the other hand, didn't think of that).

So Thursday and Friday were no run days due to the 2:36 and 3:01 hour commutes home (due to traffic and ice).

On Friday night, D looked at me as if I was nuts when I set my alarm for 645 to run Saturday morning. It went off, I got up and off to the gym I went.

The .5 mile walking warmup...my legs were stiff and heavy. Perhaps I could walk my 3 miles. As the .5 mile ticked down, walking the 3 miles seemed like a good idea. Anyway 3 miles started and I ran. I ran 15 minutes and then did the 9 minute run/1 walk. My legs just couldn't function. The .5 mile cooldown...I looked up at .1 miles. The trainer at the gym is jumping up and down and yelling. I yanked off my headphones and he is yelling 911. Apparently one of his trainees has passed out and is vomiting in her passed-out-ness. I jumped off the TM along with another woman (she was on her own treadmill). She grabbed the iPhone and didn't know how to use it. Trainer yells at her to use the land line phone which she can't find. I'm holding the passed out woman on the weight bench so she won't fall, wondering what I'm supposed to do. Trainer is taking her pulse and and telling her to stay with us. It really was a scary time. Trainee comes too and tells TM lady to cancel 911. She does. Trainer and I sit with her until trainer says it is ok for her to stand up (Water and Gatorade have been fetched). Finally she is ok, and I go back to my now .4 mile cool down, which I need, because my HR just flew through the roof. Anyway I finish that and my stretches.

I meet D in the parking lot, and then go run errands and go home.

Monday started the official day of Half-Marathon Training. Monday started off with me praying to a porcelain God and to a trash can. I couldn't have gone to a doctor if I wanted, I was so sick. Between being sick I slept. I woke up around 3 to find out my co-worker was killed in an auto accident. The details are still fuzzy what happened (what the paper is speculating vs. the guy's personality don't play out) but our entire work is stunned. I didn't do any workouts.

Tuesday, I felt like I had been repeatedly beaten, but I could keep down Advil. So I slept about 20 hours. Again no workouts.

Today, I got up and went to the gym. It was 80 degrees in there. I ran 2 miles. The trainer came in while I was running. I must have been sweating more than usual. He checked my HR and he checked the thermostat. He turned down the thermostat. I finished my run. (No, I don't pay the trainer, he is always there when I am). I did my stretches and said goodbye.

I finally made it to work. My head hurts. But 4 Advil have stayed down.


GeorgiaSnail said...

Wow...what a week. I am sorry to hear about your coworker.

The snow/ice deal became rather comical didn't it? What half are you doing?

Viper said...

Good luck on your half training. Cheers!

Lisa said...

intense week. hopefully next week will be easier.

keep at it!

RockStarTri said...

Tonight I got recertified in First Aid/CPR. Really.

Let the half training begin!

Julie said...

Holy Moly what a week. So sorry about the coworker.

Good luck on the training...I just started my 1/2 training recently too.

Scott said...

Hi Al,
I have to give a big pat on the back to those that training and even live in snow, here (in Australia) we are avoiding heat stroke rather than frost bite.
Do all your weeks sound the same, I must stay tuned.
Also, a mate of mine Lee Troop and I have our own Marathon training and Half Marathon training website, so if you are looking for some tips feel free to take a look around the site...www.marathon-trainingschedule.com (oh and if you want a free membership drop me a line via coach @ marathon-trainingschedule.com.
Hope your feeling better soon.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Wow, I think you have some good excuses for skipping running last week!