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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Are you a Rockette?

So apparently, I am the only person who didn't know who Jim Cantore was. Well, I watched NBC for the annual time this year (unless Stanley Cup is on NBC). So back to all my reruns of Law and Order from 20 years ago.

Went to the gym last night. Hooray, all the Resolutioners have quit already! There were 5 people there when we got there (D and I took separate cars). There were 3 left (including me) when I left. So what did we do at the gym? Run.

I ran 3 miles while watching Ohio State beat up on Arkansas. No dead birds came out of the sky on the field. I knew I have more running on the agenda this week, so I did a SLOW 4.3 mph. This was fine because when I moved my arms, I could feel where strength training had occurred. So at 2.3 miles I noticed my butt was hurting. At 2.5 miles I couldn't deny it anymore, and slowed (even more) to 4.0 mph. 2.6-2.9 were somewhere between 3.8 and 4.2 mph. I did finish at 4.3 mph. Then I walked another .5 miles at 2.7 mph. The butt felt fine.

Afterward I did my piriformis stretches. My favorite of all my stretches is kicks. Front, back, side. So I do these on the top of the stairs, so if I fall, I have 4 concrete stairs to catch me. Anyway, I'm doing them, when one of the 2 guys there asks me something. Of course I have to take off my headphones. "Excuse me?" I say. He goes, "I noticed you are always doing kicks, and they get higher each week. Are you practicing to be a Rockette?" This made me giggle.

I should probably be weirded out, because before January, I was hitting the gym regularly once a week. So that means he was there, and he noticed me. But it just made me giggle, because I didn't notice my kicks were getting higher. I was focused on the form of keeping my back straight and not slouching. And if he was hitting on me, it is obvious I'm married. If he was looking to do other things, there are security cameras at every angle of the gym. So eh.

In other news, Guinness is still our Little Shit. She got sick on Sunday and got her food all over the floor. After cleaning it all up, we really didn't give it much thought. It happens once a week because the tube plunger comes out, and she gets excessive gas and has to get it out. On Sunday night, her food tube got stuck and no amount of shoving water through it was going to move the blockage. So Monday morning, I found a little piece of tubing in the bed that had a really gnarly side. After sticking a hanger in the tube to no avail, she went to Vet #1. They used Coke and KY to move the food blockage down the tube. No issues except when D fed her we noticed she seemed to be chewing her food, which shouldn't happen since the tube is past her throat. Tuesday, I was giving her water, and the water went into the tube and onto the floor. So to Vet #2 she is today. They think she got the tube up when she was sick on Sunday, that the tube was bugging her so she chewed off that part, and that there is a kink in the tube. New tube today. Shaking my head at how crazy that girl is.

Anyone want to donate to the Guinness Food Tube Fund?


RockStarTri said...

A rockette star? Doesn't flow....

Lisa said...

i once had someone comment on my swim form at the gym and that weirded me out in a similar way (he noticed me, he was watching my form, he decided to comment on it to a complete stranger, etc) and i finally decided that some people are just natural 'encouragers' and it was probably nothing to worry about.

Aka Alice said...

I didn't know who Jim Cantore was either.

Am I the only one giggling at the vet using Coke and KY? I mean it sucks that G's tube wasn't working...but COKE AND KY???? Hahahaha

Yeah...I'm going to hell. I know it.