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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

That Whole Year in Review

Well if you want to know about it, just go read. :)

However, as I was getting ready for a holiday party I put on my favorite sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. Hold the phone...I wore this last year on this date (minus a day). And I have a picture.

So this is 25+ pounds lighter Al (with a camera that desperately needs to be replaced since it has no flash). Last year, I positioned that Santa Claus infront of me so you couldn't see the pulling of the shirt. If you look closely you can see the pulling on the sides of the 18W jeans, you can see the multiple chins, you can see my cheeks trying to impersonate Santa's.

This year, there may be a little pulling in my 16 (Note- no W behind that 16) jeans. But they button and I need a belt to keep them up. Someone told me I need to get rid of my favorite sweatshirt (I realize it does nothing for me, but I love it). And I have less multiple chins. I need to buy some more makeup and hair gel.

And give thanks to Delane at Euphoric Agony for sending me her "fat" clothes (those were her jeans- the 16s, not the 18Ws...they eventually split in the thigh, so I had to throw them out.).

Let's hope to more weight loss and healthy running in 2011. I just bought some compression pants to run in. Supposed to hold in my hip and my back all the way through my IT Band.
We shall see.


Carly said...

Looking good! I hope 2011 will be good to you and that stubborn IT band!

RockStarTri said...

The changes in your body composition are sooooo noticable. Keep up the good work!

mommie2lea said...

Congrats! You look great! 25+ pounds this year... you go.

BTW, I was also a lucky recipient of Delane's previous clothes... wore the heck out of 'em and loved them! Thank goodness for generous people like her!

Julie said...

Lookin good!!!!

Delane said...

You look awesome and I'm Soooo sending you a new sweat shirt!!!!

Tammy said...

Woot! Congrats on the great loss in 2010. Looking good!

Best wishes to you in 2011.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Congrats! You can especially see it in your face!

Becca said...

You're beautiful! It's insane to me that you lost more than 25 pounds since I started reading your blog. Best wishes for 2011...And while I would like to tell you makeup schmakeup, I just finally bought new makeup (mascara, chapstick, and blush) too. It does a heart good.