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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Magnet for Douchebags!

It's been long known that I don't like people. They annoy the shit out of me. Today was no exception. It started in the grocery store.

I do not understand packing out the grocery store after 8AM on a weekend. Especially a 24 hour grocery store. Why aren't things done at night? So after figuring out the cart couldn't get to the meat section, can only go down certain aisles in the veggie section, forget about going down the soup aisle, I was doing good. Then we hit the chip aisle, the soda aisle, and dairy. You couldn't go straight from eggs to cheese to orange juice to milk. It didn't make a difference since the packer didn't pack out OJ, and when I mentioned this, he didn't offer to go in the back (the vegetable packers know I'm a bitch and will go through their boxes or go to the back and ask for what I need). The coke man had his forklift thing in the middle of the aisle so no going down to get overpriced soda (when the gas station is cheaper than the grocery, that is sad). So Frito Lay man wouldn't get out of our way, and I had it. My mood quickly sank. After getting home, I went to the gym.

One treadmill and all TVs had ESPN. However, my TM had the remote, so I watch a Law and Order that I had only seen 17 times. I was not watching Cam Newton, douchebag. Anyway the gym was a little more crowded than usual. So there is a famous Douchebag who won one of those cooking shows who goes to my gym (Edited- He only came in as a finalist so he is a loser). He doesn't do anything at the gym (which is clearly evident from the fat rolls on his turkey neck). He is a DB because he insults other chefs around town for their style of food. So anyway he comes into the cardio section and sits (doesn't pedal) on a bike and talks on his phone. After that workout, he stands on a treadmill and talks on the phone. He got off, when someone asked him if he was actually going to use it (there was a line for the treadmills). But complete lack of clue. So KG, you have officially surpassed RB in douchebaggery.

Another person annoyed me on the treadmills. I do not understand going so fast that you can't keep up. Every 5 seconds, the woman beside me was on the rails of her treadmill. Seriously she probably could knock down a mile off her total. What is wrong with going slow and steady? However she liked me a lot. With my new Justin Bieber haircut (yes, I look better than Tom Brady), when I shook my head, she got a ton of my sweat. So in that respect, I'm glad her TM went fast. She was gone faster!

I really need to find my headphones so I can drown these people out!


mommie2lea said...

Yeah, that sounds like the makings for a shitty day with the public. Sorry.

Talking on the phone while "working out" is a pet peeve of mine. Ick.

Hope the rest of the week is better.

Aka Alice said...

LOL...your descriptions of all the people who bug the shiz out of you just kill me, every time.

I'm dying to know which Top Chef DB is at your gym. I have to go check out the website now to figure it out...cuz I'm THAT lame :-))

I don't get the grocery stores either...

Carolina John said...

Other people suck. indeed.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Oh I can explain the last treadmill lady, because I do this too sometimes. I will not do slow and steady on the treadmill. I'd rather blow my brains out. I'll do that outside, no matter what the weather. When I run on the treadmill, to keep from dying from boredom, I do intervals. The trick with intervals is finding the speed that makes you practically want to throw up. That pace can actually change from day to day for me. So if 6.4 mph is my long interval pace typically (I'll do a mile at that pace and then rest a little), some days I can't keep that pace if I tried. But I am stubborn and determined to do so since most days I can. So sometimes I end up jumping off for a few seconds because I feel like I might go flying off the back.

Christina said...

I don't like people too! Ha! I thought I was being a grinch/biatch.

We have parking and instead of parking at the parking spots, people parked their vehicles right at the door step of the grocery store. Then, when they get into their vehicle, they'll inevitably see friend XZY and will chat up a storm, holding traffic! When you lightly honk at them, they give you the finger. SEriously.


Lisa said...

everything about grocery stores makes me grumpy. every.thing. i don't go anymore. that's become husband's job.

Becca said...

Hahaha! Thanks for a much needed laugh, my cantankerous blogger friend. You do better than me...I can't even go to gyms anymore.

Nitmos said...

I've had more than one person tell me that I've taken people-hatin' to a whole new art form.

I hate those people for saying that.