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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rings, Running and Dates

So I have now run more in 1 week of February than the last 18 days of January.  I'm killer that way.

Do any of you forget to wear your wedding rings?  I do about 4-5 days a week. I'm allergic to the soap in the bathrooms at work, and well, I still use the soap at work.  Usually, I purell my hands after I use the soap, but with all the sickness going around, there is no Purell around the office (if I don't go back to my desk). Yes, I know Purell can make you more sick, but it also prevents my hands from looking like they have been in a chemical burn and feel like they have been bitten by 1000 mosquitoes, so, I go with the Purell.

So anyway, I typically don't wear my wedding rings on Tuesdays-Fridays, as my hands start to get irritated.  I really never noticed that I didn't do this before last week.

Happen to have them on on a Wednesday
 I went back to the gym for my 3 miler.  I ran it decently (37 minutes).  D had already left (I knew he had been there, because no one else watches Futurama on the TV but him, and guess what was on?).  Anyway, I was finished and I went to get the cleaner to wash down the treadmill.  I had the cleaner in my left hand and was reaching above the cubbies to get a paper towel.  This guy who I recognized tells me I'm getting faster.

Now, it is the gym...you know I don't talk to people. I don't really look at people (I look at the ground).  So how did I recognize him?  He has black socks and Blue and Green Sauconys on.

So, when he told me I'm getting faster, I glanced at his shoes.  I said, "Thank you."  It's a compliment, so you know I was blushing.  He asked me if I'd like to go get a beer or something.  I was still holding the cleaner in my left hand.  Because I had been sick, I hadn't been to work, so guess what was on my hand.  My wedding rings (I have 2) and engagement ring.  I looked at my hand.  He looked at my hand.  He got red, and asked if the rings were new.  I felt so bad, like I had been leading this guy on.  I giggled and said, "No, they are almost 10 years old.  I feel really bad. I'm sorry."  I quickly grabbed the paper towel and rushed back to the treadmill.  When I put the stuff back/in the trash, the guy was gone.

I told D about it when I got home.  He laughed.  He probably laughed more at the fact I felt like I had led the guy on.

Only me...


Lisa said...

i don't forget to wear mine. My wedding ring is soldered to my engagement ring, so it's all or nothing. but i purposely leave them off sometimes depending on what i am doing.

poor guy. how embarrassing.

Delane said...

you still got it girl!!!!! I was asked out at the grocery store once and I talked about it for 2 weeks!

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

Three rings! Don't your fingers swell when you run in the heat?

Carolina John said...

haha, nice! getting the lookers! that has to make you feel good. rock on.

I don't talk to people at the gym either. Leave me alone and let me workout. other people suck.