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Monday, January 7, 2013

22 Miles of Random Thoughts

So this past week was decent in the running department. I ran 4 times which is 1 more time than any other week of training. 13 weeks are finished. I learned I really despise running 8 miles on the treadmill. 7 is ok. 8 is torturous. (I ran 5K, 6M and 8M prior to Saturday). 8 was also torturous because I wore my compression pants and the seam on the crotch caused a "fabulous" blister. Blister Band-Aids rock, when Body Glide doesn't cut it.

Friday night came and D and I had the exciting Friday night of going to bed around 10 after we split a pizza. We got up and got ready for 22 miles. Unlike the 18 miler, I ate 2 Clif Bars this time. It was 31 degrees outside. We debated what to wear. I ended up wearing my thermal compression capris, 2 new band-aids, a short-sleeve shirt and a long-sleeve heavy shirt I got from a race in Baltimore. We packed all our stuff (2 Hammer Gels for me and 3 Shot Blocks plus my G2) and were off to the Silver Comet.

On the way there, I suddenly had to use the rest room. TG is was before the run. There is a stop at the beginning of the trail and one at 4 miles, but I don't know of any others. Plus it was 31 degrees and well, park bathrooms are cold. We stopped at the Burger King, but at 8am, they were closed????? So I used the Publix restroom. Finished there and finally got to Silver Comet. There were no bicylclists there. All runners. I set up all my gear, and turned on my Garmin. Dead! What was up with this week with me and technology. I decided I would run the mile markers but D graciously let me use his Garmin since he said I'm more technology dependent (I'm currently using his HRM as well, while I wait for one from ebay). His was set up differently but it would work as long as it had a timer and the mileage. I thanked him and we started.

For the first mile, I played with my iPod a little bit, adjusted myself a lot, and wondered if I could run in the middle of the path since there were no bikers. I decided not to, since a bunch of people were passing me. No worries, as I *knew* none of them were running as far as I was. During Mile 2 I thought about when I was going to eat my fuel. I decided every 4 miles. Nothing was terribly exciting. I kept wiping my nose, as it runny nose weather, but not snot-rocket weather. By Mile 3 the little part that separates the nostrils was cracked and hurt when ever my nose ran or when I blew my nose. At mile 4 I noticed my right upper thigh was a little sore so I tugged at my pants to move the seam. A little better. I also had 2 Shot Blocks. I thought about 3, but the light changed while I was getting out 2, so there you go.

Times :  15 miler 18 miler 22 miler
Mile 1:   14:36    15:20    14:48
Mile 2:   15:07    15:43    15:42
Mile 3:   15:08    15:33    15:45
Mile 4:   14:56    16:06    16:01

After Mile 4, I had to stop.  D's Garmin is set up to tell you Time Elapsed, Mileage, Pace and the Time. Thus when it crossed 60 minutes, it doesn't tell you seconds.  This is a problem if you run 9 minutes and walk 1 minute.  I stood there for probably 2 minutes wondering what to do.  How was I going to run without a timer.  Then I remembered I had the HRM on the other hand.  HA, Garmin! You will not defeat me twice.  (Maybe D is right, that I'm dependent on technology too much.).  So I started running again. I decided to change to 4:1 because I wanted to see if my times would get faster.  I still felt strong.  Miles 5-8 were pretty easy.  Mostly because the Trail has a lot of breaks in because you have to cross roads. So it is a nice diversion that you only have to run "this far."  I did eat one Shot Block at Mile 7.  My head said I was hungry.  I ate 2 more at mile 8.

Times :  15 miler 18 miler 22 miler
Mile 5:   15:32    15:26     15:27
Mile 6:   15:33    15:28     15:05
Mile 7:   15:54    15:24     15:25
Mile 8:   15:57    15:57     15:38

In Mid Mile 8 I saw D on the return.  He looked pretty strong.  I wondered where he turned around.  I kept going. This runner passed me going the other way too (like Tall Runner's Body Guy).  He said I was looking strong.  I wondered if he was annoyed thinking I was a Resolutioner.  But then I thought about it and decided he probably thought I was just an overweight middle-age woman who does run.  Because in this part of the path, where the heck do you start, and what normal person runs in 31 degree weather, and with a Camelbak strapped to them.  Plus God only knows what my nose looked like.  I finished my 1st pack of Shot Blocks.  By this time I was ready to turn around more out of boredom than anything else.  A Bostoner Marathoner passed me (going other way)and gave me encouragement.  I got to a bridge (10.3?) and saw a guy who had passed me hurled over.  I asked him if he was ok, but he waved me off.  I wondered where the hell I was (what county).  I came around a corner and there was a hill.  I looked at my watch.  No, don't make me go up it.  But I hit the beginning of it at 10.9, so I ran up it and the watch dinged 11.  Hooray!!  I turned around.  The next mile was uneventful, although Vomit Boy was still there, now stretching his legs in the grass.  It was by a major road (but what one, I have no clue) so I chose to assume he was waiting for a ride and continued on.  I had a Hammer Gel at Mile 12.

Times :  15 miler 18 miler 22 miler
Mile 9:   16:36    15:56    15:49
Mile 10: 17:00    15:56    15:40
Mile 11: 17:12    16:14    16:02
Mile 12: 17:10    16:47    16:46

As I ran I really felt good. I didn't care for my speed but my legs weren't revolting.  I was still having problems with the crotch area of my pants.  I could feel when I moved them that one of the Band-Aids was moving.  I wish I was going faster, but what are you going to do.  I got a little discouraged when I realized I still had 10 miles, but decided to only focus on .25 miles at a time (because 40 laps around a track seemed daunting).  This really did work.  I focused on each .25 miles.  The only problem was it seemed that they were all taking 4 minutes long.  However I wasn't really sure.  I know 3h29m rolled by at 13.1.  I was a little discouraged by that.  I wondered if I should run the marathon with my Camelbak on. It seemed to slow me down. However I constantly drink so what if they ran out of Gatorade, or worse yet used Powerade.  What was I going to do?  At Mile 14 I had 2 Shot Blocks.  My legs still felt decent. I was so excited for Mile 15. I'm not sure why.  I still had 7 miles left, but crossing 15 seemed like a huge victory.  I ran past the Tall Runner's Body Guy (might have been before mile 15).  He said, "You are doing great. Keep it up!"  Sometimes that encouragement is all you need.  Mile 16 was uneventful.

Times :  15 miler 18 miler 22 miler
Mile 13: 17:43    17:31     16:40
Mile 14: 17:36    17:24     16:14
Mile 15: 16:22    16:57     16:37
Mile 16:              17:55     17:19

6 Miles left.  Dig Deep Al.  I noticed my feet were hurting.  Every time I walked they hurt worse.  It felt better to run.  I still kept at it.  Again with the .25 miles.  Somewhere around the time, I thought, "Pain is temporary. Glory lasts forever." No clue who said that. Decided that it was from the movie Miracle.  So then I had, "Do you believe in miracles?" in my head.  I wondered if my 8th grade gym teach ever thought I would be running a marathon. I wondered what ever happened to my other 8th grade gym teacher. I can't remember the hated one's name.  The one who was decent drove a really cool Thunderbird and smoked.  I didn't like her until I was in 7th grade.  She was always a hard ass.  But in 7th grade, we suddenly got along.
At Mile 18 had had 2 more Shot Blocks.  4 miles left.  I was back at the Depot.  I had to stop because I had to text D where I was.  My phone was in my Camelbak so I texted him and continued on my way.
I was so going to do this.  It was around this time I noticed my foot really hurt, and then would go away.  What the hell?  Since I run looking down, I noticed the path slanted up so my left leg had to hit longer than the right.  It was causing a weird hit pattern on my foot where my shoe tied.  I knew this was going to last for awhile.  I ran on the grass but people don't seem to understand the concept of picking up after their dogs so I was back on the path.  I thought about running towards the center, but the temp had warmed up and more bikers were on the path and well they go pretty fast.  I got to Mile 19.  I noticed my mile markers weren't matching the Garmin which was odd.  I had another Shot Block.  I wondered how I could run 11 miles one way and not run 11 miles the other way.  I really hated the slanted path.  Mile 20 came.

Times :   15 miler 18 miler 22 miler
Mile 17:               17:06    17:08
Mile 18:               17:55    18:41
Mile 19:                            19:40 (I guess this is where my foot issue was)
Mile 20:                            17:28

I had my last Hammer Gel.  I still felt decent.  I knew my times were off but was glad about my legs.  At 4 minutes, I decided to run 5 more.  Then I walked.  A lot of people were passing me. I was out of Gatorade. I now was close.  I came around the corner and could see D.  I passed the .1 Mile Marker and knew I had .2 miles to go. GAH!  I passed him and told him so.  I ran until I was done. I may have danced like Rocky a little bit.

Mile 21: 17:08
Mile 22: 17:52
Total: 6:0302 (16:26min/mile)

Coincidentally the car was at where I stopped.  I was so proud of me. I was proud of D.  I was thirsty and hungry beyond belief.  So we hopped in the car and went and got pizza and beer.  I had brought extra pants with me. This was good, because compression pants don't go back on once they come off.  And that Band-Aid...well next run I will be trying out non-blistered-crotch underwear.

(And yes, I always wear underwear. I learned when I was 9 that you never want to be arrested without underwear on, so well...although I have no plans to be arrested, I just don't want to risk that chance).


Lisa said...

good job on your 22 miler!

I know this isn't the goal, but if you did a half marathon now, you'd totally kick butt!

Carolina John said...

I've been known to wear a camelbak during a marathon. If there is concern about their supply or products, do it. they should also have gels at some of the aide stations too.

eventually my stomach started not to care what they had at the stations. Long races like that become catered runs. Still, getting the 22 out of the way must make you feel ready! Good luck.

Aka Alice said...

Good job Al. I'm proud of you and D too!

Delane said...

congrats. Sorry about the chafing...that hurts! Proud of you my dear!!!