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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mid-week Wrap Up

So after that "great" 18 mile run, I really never felt like running again.

And my body felt the same way.  Tuesday came, and my blood pressure plummeted (a female thing).  When you have heart disease and stroke in your family history, doctors aren't too keen on finding something to raise your blood pressure.  Mine is usually low-normal, but once a month it plummets.  And that came on Tuesday.  I got home from work and went to bed, as I was too tired, dizzy and faint to do much else.  At 4am Wednesday I woke up with a stellar migraine.  Awesome!  So no run there.  And Thursday we had a date to go to a Bell's Beer Christmas Dinner.  It was awesome.  But again, no run.

Bell's Beer Dinner at Big Tex

So Saturday came and I got up and went for a run. It was 40 degrees and didn't look to get up past 43 for the next few hours, so 2 shirts and a hat.  Then I was on my way.  I ran to the back of the prison and then up Crack Way.  Before I got to the Crack Stop, I could smell that many people obviously thought Georgia had passed the pro-marijauna law.  It was 745 but these 3 dudes were as happy as could be.  It made me giggle.  They were very friendly and in a sharing mood, which I politely declined. 

On Graffiti Alley, the lady at the Church Marta Stop asked me if I had lost weight.  I wish the answer was yes...lol.

The rest of the run was non-exciting.  I thought I was running a decent time.  When I got home, yes it was...10 minutes faster than any other 9 mile run. 

Yesterday was hill runs.  For whatever reason it took over an hour to get to the gym.  I didn't want to go.  But then I saw a cookie on the side of the road.  WTF?

Don't you always see a Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cowboy Hat on the way home from work?
For some reason that made me go to the gym.  I'm not sure what was up with my run.  I was supposed to run 4 or 5 (I picked 5) hills at Incline 4 at 5K pace for .25 miles each (did that make sense?).  I did 1 and 2 and thought I would die.  I got through 3.  I really wanted to go sleep.  Who the hell wants to sleep while running a hill?  At Hill 4 I had to lower the incline to 3.5 and slow down.  All I thought about was my pillow.  I couldn't even contemplate doing another incline.  So I did my cool down.  Yeah, I sucked. 

This morning I got up and went back to the gym.  I had 5 to run.  My gym is 24hr/7d, but not always manned (key card entry).  When I pulled into the lot, it was completely empty.  For some reason, I thought about getting towed.  Anyway I went in.  The trainer was saying good bye to someone.  It was 515!  What time did they work out?   I realized I forgot my water but I had my Gatorade, so all was ok.  The warm-up seemed way too fast.  It was a minute slower than usual.

So I started my run.  At a little after .7 miles a strange guy comes into the gym (meaning he isn't wearing gym clothes).  The trainer is talking to him.  So I take off my headphones (there is only 1 other person besides us there).  The trainer's first language isn't English and sometimes he is a little hard to understand.  They both yell something at me.  The trainer asks if I drive a big truck.  I realize the guy is the tow truck man.  I say yes, the tow truck man says he'll take the boot off my car, and off he leaves. The trainer gives me an ok sign, and I kind of wonder if my car will be there when I finish. Miles 1-3 were really easy, both in my mind and on my HR.  I decide to speed it up for the last 2.  Still nothing that seemed strenous.  Mile 4 comes.  The trainer comes over. Now I know my run was easy because we had a conversation while I was running for 2 minutes.  He wanted to let me know he was calling the owner of the gym because he was concerned how the tow truck guy got in to the gym (it is always locked unless you have a key card).  And if the owner needed to call me, could he?  I'm kind of glad he waited until then to ask me all of this, because that freaked me out.  I know I run on a TM next to the doors that you can only exit from for my own security reasons, but it really didn't occur to me that the tow truck guy didn't have an access pass.  Apparently he wouldn't tell the trainer how he got it.   So that did make my HR go up.  And I finished the 5 miles.  And then I did a cool-down.

After, I walked to my car that was not booted.  The parking lot now had 4 cars in it.  Tow truck man was nowhere in sight.  I got in my car and left.


Carolina John said...

yea that's pretty freaky! Tow truck guys just gets into gym anyway he can? with no access card? yea, that's a problem. Good thing you were safe. and didn't get towed.

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

Oh my, how many ounces of beer were each of those courses? It sounds divine!

Al's CL Reviews said...

It was their first beer dinner, so they did full 16 oz pours. They didn't know they didn't have to do that.

Delane said...

great job on the fast 9 miles! Also jealous of you dinner.

Marianne said...

This kind of thing is what always stops me from joining an "anytime" gym like that, even though I get frustrated with my gym's hours. I'm just not sure I would feel comfortable enough working out somewhere all by myself like that, because even if someone has an access pass, murderers and rapists work out, I presume, and there you would be alone in a gym with him. I hate being paranoid like that.