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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And I Saw This!

So I got this badge on Foursquare this morning.
The School Night Badge

Your congrats for the badge is, "Checking-in after 3am on a school night? Well done!" Well, it would be cool, except do you know where I was?  At the gym, at 459 AM!!!!

Something is really wrong is really wrong with me that I would go there so early!  So D and I decided to run.
We both decided to run 3 miles so we were in the same room.

Nothing was really exciting about the run.  About a mile in, I decided to run 5 miles.  I am a frequent checker of all things around me, so I was looking all around at my towel, my water bottle, my Gatorade bottle, and my HRM Watch.  At 20 minutes I checked the HRM, and it was 160ish.  Around 25 minutes, more people had arrived and D was done.  I waved bye to him and looked around at the people and my feet.  I watched some Psych.  You know, occupied some space.  At 34 minutes I looked at my watch.  I saw this.

Ugh. Then it became a whole thing.  I hit all the buttons, and nothing happened.  This has happened once before and I knew I had to take the back of the watch off, but I certainly couldn't do it here.  And I was doing 5 miles on the treadmill that I have to restart at 60 minutes.  I have no pen. I have no phone (in the car).  How am I going to remember all these numbers?  That took me to 39 minutes.  I checked the watch again.  Still...

What to do.  OK.  Run for 10 more minutes and then think of a plan.  So I did. It involved a lot of looking at this.

Can you believe it never changed?  So I got up to 49 minutes and realized on was on pace to get a fast-for-me 5 miler.  Of all the days!!!!  So I decided I would watch the clock and the mileage and the calories on the tread mill.  I hit stop at 53:00, 4.19 miles and 603 calories.  I then restarted the treadmill.
I quickly calculated I had to run .81 miles (this actually took me .1 mile to figure out because I was trying to remember 603 and was confusing myself).  Once I got that, I kept looking at the calories.  Damn 22:38/165!!!!!  The minutes ticked away and I finally reached .81 miles and I hit stop on the treadmill.
I ran 5 miles in 63:40, and 738 calories.  I started my .5 miles walk at 3 mph (so I knew it would take 10 minutes) and kept repeating 63:40 738.  I watched more Psych.  When I was done, I left and texted D 5/6340/738 so I could remember.  I know he just chalked it up to his nutso wife.

I sat in a meeting at work and looked at my watch.  I saw

Gah! Luckily I found mini-screw drivers and took the battery out and back in.

All is well in the world!

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Carolina John said...

It's always a fun realization to make that you are up and working out before some others have gone to bed. Not always pleasant, but interesting.