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Thursday, November 4, 2010

&#@*($&@#*($^ Hip

So D and I went running on the track on Saturday. They redid my lovely track. It is now burgundy and foamy. Long gone is the pot-holed asphalt circle that I loved. Oh well. I ran consecutively for 2.5 miles. Then the ass started hurting so I walked. Then I stopped and rubbed my ass. Yes, quite a sight. I finished the 3 miles at about 41 minutes. I was happy. The hardest things...to run without thinking about pace, regardless of my watch. My head keeps telling me faster, faster. Anther hard thing is to actually stop when I hurt. I really focused on it. And another hard thing is to actually not think about being hurt. I keep thinking if I run fast, I might hurt myself. So it is all vicious. But the hip and ass felt pretty good after the run.

Scuttlebutt ran with D. He can run 2 miles. D can run a lot more. So D's time was way off. Gdog stayed home. I don't even think she knew we were gone. I did all my stretches when I got home.

So imagine my dismay on Monday when my hip started hurting. I took my Aleve, did my stretches, etc. Tuesday, I got up to go run, and it hurt (and it was cold). So no go. Wednesday, same thing. Today, I'm really hurting. And I have a 5K on Saturday. WTF?

I'm up another freaking pound. I read what everyone wrote, last week. Being an engineer, I couldn't ever journal I drank 1 glass of something without measuring it. Same goes for food. So I know my portions are correct, and I write as I go. Since I don't cook, I don't ever have tastes. And I actually focused on it to make sure I wasn't having bites, licks or tastes. One time I had 1 tsp of feta (told you I measure). It is most likely stress, but seriously, I'm up 7 pounds from the lowest weight. That is going to take like 6 months to get off. I'm so ticked off with WeWa right now. I figured if I'm up 7 pounds, let's make it real. So I had a cookie (4 points).

Gdog is doing ok. She still stares at walls. I'm still positioning her in front of the TV so she doesn't looks so pathetic. She lost .6 pounds at her weekly vet visit. But she has also been sick all over the house, and hadn't had her 2nd (or 3rd) feeding yet that day So, I wasn't too upset with that. Plus she had fun afterward at PetSmart and in the car. The ALZ meds are supposed to make her not get much worse. I'm not sure what that means. I mean, a dog who refuses to eat, stares at walls and pees indoors and wonders what she is supposed to do outdoors? How much worse do you get? I don't want to even find out. Still she has taken up playing with SB some. And her smile is still infectious. And she still loves belly rubs. So she and I are still happy, even with this *(#&$*(&@#Q$(& hip.


Delane said...

sorry your having such a rough time. I know how you feel about the weight. Its stress. Sucks.

Teamarcia said...

Sorry about the PIA. I have one too. I hope your 5k is fast and painfree!

Lisa said...

uggggh stupid hip!

RockStarTri said...

One of the tracks near my house is still cinder.

WRT the hip: WTF indeed.