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Friday, October 22, 2010

Quick Update

Guinness is "on the mend." She still has a feeding tube, and I don't think she'll ever recover but she seems to be happy. She did get steroids on Wednesday, which she didn't take too kindly to (hyper ventilating, vomiting, mucusy and gassy). Thursday we didn't give her any, and she was fine. Today I took her to the vet. The vet insisted it wasn't the steroids, but I think came around to the fact I wasn't giving Guinness anymore. So back on Tuesday for a new dressing for her food tube. We came home and I fed her. And made an appointment for her and Scuttlebutt to see Santa.

Tuesday, the insurance company informed my PT it was my last visit. It was bittersweet. I really enjoyed going. Especially the last few weeks because it was a great tension reliever. I'll miss K, but I know where to find her.

I also signed up for a 5K. K (the PT) told me to go for it. I just have to know when to walk. I can do that.

So after work, Wednesday I went to the gym. I ran/walked 2 miles in 29 minutes. I felt pretty good. Stretched afterward.

My weight was down from last week but not much and not what the ticker says. Oh well, I'm working on it.

This weekend, I am planning another run, a trip to the eye doctor, taking Scuttlebutt to daycare and playing with Guinness. SB has been a real trooper. He knows something is up, and being a puppy (he is 18 mos, but he will be a puppy until he is 8 or 9 yo), he has a hard time understanding he doesn't get all the love. But he does back off Food Tube time. Oh and my bike gloves come in handy for the food tube syringes. Since I'm not biking, I'm glad they have another use.


Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

It sounds like you are making the right choice not to give her steroids. At least she is happy now! What a trooper!

chris mcpeake said...

thats tough man.
good luck with training for your next 5k

Carolina John said...

Good luck on the 5k! I hope it is pain free.

Julie said...

Must be heart breaking to have to feed the puppy with the feeding tube!